Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies

SDG 16 - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

SDG16 commits to promoting just, peaceful and inclusive societies. In the face of threats from crime, corruption, and social instability, it is paramount that dedicated efforts to eradicate violence, injustice, and maltreatment are put into place. Public health is the intersection at which our global ecosystem, the environment, and people stand the best chance of success. Sustainable development is grounded in the idea that a high quality of life should be accessible to everyone. As a global society, we are responsible for helping those who bear the burden of poverty, hunger, neglect, warfare, poor education & health, imprisonment, and addiction. Through effective leadership and interdisciplinary collaboration, policies and interventions can be put into place and reinforce our healthcare systems, social networks, and environment. Strong partnerships and strategic resource allocation allow governments and businesses to contribute to a healthy planet and a thriving population. Support and advocacy campaigns can rebuild communities and institutions with peace, justice, and health at their core. Public health means bringing everyone into the fold – promoting health, preventing disease, and strengthening our systems. Together we can balance out the inequalities, rise above injustices, and celebrate a world with just, peaceful and inclusive societies.


Annora Mack
PhD student
University of Basel